Daring to Do Mighty Things: New York and the Ideas that Changed the World

Daring to Do Mighty Things: New York and the Ideas that Changed the WorldHistory tells us that there have been a few thinkers whose ideas have substantially changed the world they lived in. Those ideas, whether they were commercial, technological or social, later become so fundamental to future generations that it is difficult to conceive of a time when they were revolutionary. For over four hundred years, New York has been the home to many of the innovators, inventors and intellectuals whose “big ideas” have become the threads that hold together the fabric of our lives. As important as understanding what those ideas were and how they have shaped us, is an understanding of the world from which they were born. At the beginning of the 21st century, New York strives to be a place where the entrepreneurial risk-takers are free to find the next world-altering idea. While it is impossible to know what those next ideas will be, it is important that we make New York a home for those who would conceive them. Those women and men will stretch the boundaries of the possible, find new ways to combine conventional technologies and take the leap which will redefine our relationship to the world around us. This exhibit celebrates the ides of the past and by evoking the spirit of Theodore Roosevelt, dares you to dream of a bigger future.

The Erie Canal
The Steam Revolution
I'll Wire You the Money
The Vertical City
The Women and Men Behind the Big Ideas

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